Thank you for visiting my site.  My name is Luc and I work as an intuitive medium, healer and personal self-development coach.  I help others connect with their loved ones in spirit and help guide people on their journey of self-discovery and personal healing.

From a very young age, I became aware of my intuitive gifts however; I learned quickly to keep these to myself to avoid ridicule.  As a child and as a teenager, I struggled to fit in simply because I knew I was different.  I was labeled by my family and friends as an “old soul” because my knowledge often seemed to be far beyond my years.  I was an extreme introvert, an empath and consequently very sensitive to energies around me.  Thankfully to this day, these “sensitivities” continue and I have now chosen to embrace them in order to heal and help others.

As a young adult, I felt that my calling was to help others, so decided to pursue my studies in the healthcare sciences.  After completing two university degrees from Dalhousie University in Psychology and Occupational Therapy; my career for the next 20 years was centered on helping patients achieve a better quality of life via physical and psychological rehab interventions.  These transformative years solidified my belief that people’s traumas were better addressed from a holistic point of view.  My experiences left me no doubt that people’s energies were equally important and needed to be considered.  Most of my healthcare career centered around working with the elderly.  This consequently forced me to deal with death and dying, and to help my patients transition peacefully.  I consider myself fortunate to have counseled and held the hands of many patients as they passed from this world to the next. 

I believe that this experience is what prepared me to embark on this spiritual journey.  Despite having climbed the top of the corporate ladder in my professional career, I still found myself unfulfilled.  I knew something had to change if I was to fulfill my true purpose in this life.  This is when I decided to leave behind my stable high-paying corporate career to follow my true passion.  It wasn’t an easy decision, but ultimately, I knew and trusted I was being supported. 

At the age of 38, I had a profound spiritual awakening which caused my sensitivities to resurface even stronger.  I had a greater sense of “knowing” and felt a stronger connection with the spirit world.  I no longer felt the need to hide from fear of ridicule and judgement of others.   I had accepted this new reality for myself and felt a strong need to share my gift with the world.  After making this decision for myself, doors slowly started opening and they continue to open to this day.  I continue to study and work alongside some of the best psychic mediums around the world.   I am committed to a life of service and consequently will continue to strive to be the best version of myself in order to best help others.  My goal is to raise the awareness of spirituality so that everyone may become more in sync with their purpose and intuitive selves.  I also want to help you live your best self by uncovering the underlying blocks to your happiness.

Personal self-improvement has always been my passion in life.  With my background in clinical psychology, mental health counseling and mediumship, I am able to help you recognize blockages in various parts of your life and help you devise a plan to conquer and thrive to reach your full God-Given potential.