What is the difference between a psychic and a medium?
A medium is someone who connects with their clients’ loved ones and brings through messages. A psychic is an intuitive person that connects to their clients’ soul to bring life-path related information.

Can you still communicate with my loved one if they didn’t speak English?
Yes! In the spirit world, they use the language of thought. You can understand anyone on the other side, no matter what languages they spoke in life.

Can you connect with anyone you want in Heaven?
Unfortunately, I am not able to just reach out and pull someone in. They need to have a connection with you in some way. It takes a lot of energy for them to come through in a reading.

If I have a reading and no one comes through, what does that mean? Does that ever happen?
It has happened a handful of times; however it is rare. If this happens during a reading, I will issue a refund at the end of the session.

How can a Healing session help me?
Healing sessions can be helpful for a wide range of reasons (physical, emotional, psychological, spiritual) often to a remarkable degree. It is a process of revitalization, relaxation and release at a profound level, which helps your body adjust and heal at its own pace and in its own way. Healing seeks out the underlying cause as well as the “presenting symptoms”. The outcome of a healing session may be beneficial in an unexpected way and not necessarily immediately. For example, you may feel a sudden benefit days later or a gradual improvement over a period of time. There may be times where you experience some kind of emotional release as part of the healing process. Sometimes the process is obvious, sometimes more subtle.

Do I need to be “ill” to receive healing?
No. Healing is about restoring balance to your life and in your relationship with others, about expressing your feelings, about change and the need for it. It often helps to bring a sense of proportion and perspective and a greater feeling of groundedness, of regaining control, irrespective of whether you are ill or not. On the other hand, it can be especially helpful in crisis situations and with terminal illnesses. It can stand alone as a therapy, has no harmful side effects and works well in conjunction with any other therapy. It is a process, above all, to help you to help yourself.

Mediumistic Healing and your doctor…
It is important to maintain contact with your doctor if you have a condition that requires conventional medical support or treatment. Healing complements the treatments your doctor is giving you so do tell her/him that you are receiving healing, and about any positive benefits you experience. Your doctor may be interested in finding out more.

Remote Mediumistic Healing Sessions
Distance/Remote healing sessions are completed at a distance without you being present physically. Throughout the session, your energy will be connected with, scanned and worked on at various levels. This process involves clearing blocks and negative energies. Also, your vibrational rate will increase, which will assist you in facilitating changes and allow access to blocked aspects of yourself. You may also experience vibrational energies or shifts within your field, have visions or dreams of various natures, and may even receive inner guidance about your life and path during the session. Your experience is unique to your energy, your point in life, and your own energetic sensitivity. The energy of this work can be felt several days to several weeks after receiving a healing session.

How often do i need to go for a healing session?
One session may be sufficient however; several sessions may be beneficial depending on the issue. If you are experiencing healing for the first time, it may take you two or three sessions to relax into the process and enjoy the full benefits