Currently, I offer virtual 1:1 sessions with clients from all over the world (via Skype, Zoom or Facetime). 

30-minute reading………75$ USD

45-minute reading………100$ USD

60-minute reading………125$ USD

In order to make a booking or to inquire on any particular service, please email us at  In order to secure your appointment, payment is needed within 24 hours of your confirmation email.  Payment is accepted either via Paypal, Venmo, “Square” payment (with credit card) or electronic funds transfer (bank transfer).  Please indicate your preferred method of payment and further directives will be given in your confirmation email.  Please note, payment via “Square” (credit card) will incur an additional 4% processing surcharge.

Cancellation Policy: A full refund will be issued for all cancelations made with a minimum of a full 3-day notice of the appointment day/time.  Similarly, if you need to reschedule, we require a minimum of 24-hour notice.  I will try my best to accommodate your needs.  If you do not answer the phone at your appointment time, you will be called again within 5 minutes. If you do not answer the phone the second time, your appointment will automatically be canceled without a refund or reschedule.

Sessions can be recorded at your own will. 

Parental consent is required for persons under the age of 18 for all readings.

Please make sure that you are in a quiet place at the time of the reading. Background noise can affect the reading. This is very important!

At the time of your appointment, you may receive a call from an unlisted number. Be sure that you have lifted any blocks or unidentified callers, and be sure to answer at your appointment time.


1) Mediumistic Reading

Provides evidence that your loved one(s) are still around, giving you a chance to connect and communicate with them from the other side. 

This service is helpful for those people who are looking to connect or receive messages from a passed loved one. During this session, I will connect with anyone, in spirit, that is around you and bring forward any messages that they have to offer you. Although, my intention is to bring forward spirit (s) who you wish to speak with, no guarantees can be made they will come forward in your reading.

Those who book a session are often people who need to find closure with the loss of a loved one, find peace with a traumatic passing, and get an opportunity to say goodbye. I will offer you evidential information about them and bring forward any message that they have to offer you. This gives you a chance to connect and communicate with them from the other side, which can help to bring healing and closure. Often time, they like to answer your questions, offer guidance with life situations and offer any messages that they have for you.

2) Intuitive Reading

This reading consists of psychic intuitive information regarding your past, present and future impressions.  The session usually begins with the use of Tarot cards.  The client will have a chance to ask questions at the end of the session should there be any.

3) Combination Reading (Mediumistic & Intuitive/Psychic Reading)

This type of reading is only available for 60-minute sessions.  It involves a combination of mediumistic information from the spirit world and intuitive psychic information regarding the client’s past, present and future.