I was blessed to receive a reading from Luc and one thing that he channeled for me is that I need a romantic partner who is NURTURING! He let me know that this was a unanimous message from my angels/guides and that this would shift the outcome in my life in terms of my romantic relationships. He was right!! A year or so later I met my boyfriend who is the most nurturing man I have ever met. It feels like exactly what healthy partnership should feel like. If not for Luc’s reading I wouldn’t have been so acutely aware that this quality was so important for me. He also taught me to tap into my intuition more fully so I can connect with the messages coming in. I am so grateful for this skill because it’s helped me follow important guidance and my life has really changed as a result (in all areas!). I have a new relationship, a new career, and am making more money. Thank you Luc! You, yourself are an angel and a great bridge between humans and the spiritual realm! I can’t wait for my next reading!