“Luc, I cannot thank you enough for the healing session the other day. A huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders after experiencing some challenging events in my life. My energy was so low. I gave you very little information on my situation but somehow you understood what was happening. Your healing power and guided messages /insight have been enlightening & gave me clarity and a new perspective on my situation. A true blessing. After the session, i had the deepest sleep I’ve ever had in months! I feel calmer and started to feel joy again for the simple little things in my life, despite issues/events that are currently on going on. Your gift to heal is remarkable. At first, I was skeptical on how remote healing could work but I am now convinced that it does not matter how we do the session (via phone vs in person) but its about who does the sessions that matters and i am so lucky you did! I am looking forward to our next booked session! Thank you 🙏🏾”

Janisha Patel

“Had a reading with Luc this morning. He was positive and was very good about bringing forth a clear reading. He is kind and compassionate and was very accurate.”

Jennifer Guitron

I’m still reflecting on my session with Luc at The Healing Portal yesterday. Stepping into his session room was literally like walking through a sacred portal. I felt light energies swimming around the room that calmed my traveling driving jitters.

The session started at 1:11pm to Luc’s delight. Although I was planning on doing a Healing Session I opted for a Healing and Mediumistic Reading.

Starting with the Medium Reading, Luc described the presence of a man that was my father. Luc asked me to say yes or no if true. The man wore a uniform? yes.He was a devout Catholic? yes. His name was William? yes. He worked with his hands? yes. He married young? yes. He was short? no.

Luc then sensed that my father was very emotional and trying to convey to me that he knows of my struggles and wants me to know to call upon him. Needless to say this was my purpose in going to the Healing Portal. You see my Dad was always my go to person for advise or just talk about life. I like everyone else in the world am experiencing changes in my life that are tough decisions. I have been missing my dad of late because I need his help.

Luc suggested to take the time to quiet my mind as a regular practice and reach out to my Dad. Then listen for answers or look for answers in the signs around me.

We then did the Healing Session which is a whole other experience of movement of energies and feeling different sensations.

Thumbs up to The Healing Portal, a blessed experience.

Kathy F.

“OMG! My session with Luc was so open, honest and absolutely correct with my life. His approach is so healing and comforting. I will go back to him on a regular basis. I would recommend Luc!!!”

Peggy H.

“How fortunate to have met Luc! He is not only a medium but also a healer and connecting these two arenas is helping me to learn to grow into my best self. I look forward to learning more and practicing what I’ve learned!”

Reina M.

I was blessed to receive a reading from Luc and one thing that he channeled for me is that I need a romantic partner who is NURTURING! He let me know that this was a unanimous message from my angels/guides and that this would shift the outcome in my life in terms of my romantic relationships. He was right!! A year or so later I met my boyfriend who is the most nurturing man I have ever met. It feels like exactly what healthy partnership should feel like. If not for Luc’s reading I wouldn’t have been so acutely aware that this quality was so important for me. He also taught me to tap into my intuition more fully so I can connect with the messages coming in. I am so grateful for this skill because it’s helped me follow important guidance and my life has really changed as a result (in all areas!). I have a new relationship, a new career, and am making more money. Thank you Luc! You, yourself are an angel and a great bridge between humans and the spiritual realm! I can’t wait for my next reading!


I’m still beaming from my reading. I feel so much joy in my heart. First time experience I had no expectation and it was just an unexpected meaningful experience. Thank u. Ps I had no q’s, I was so stunned now of course, I have tons! 


Five Star! Thank you so much for such a beautiful reading that really hit home for me!! I am very grateful to have been given the opportunity!!